A Flawless Pout 

Hiii Readers!!!! 

Welcome back to my blog!! And today’s blog is all about that flawless pout of yours!! 

 Now who doesn’t love a ravishing lipper???? We all do. Whether it is as simple as a lip balm like Baby Lips or a more highend MAC product, lippers are one of the best things that has happened to us!! 
I have gathered some information about lippers and how to choose your perfect shade!! Personally I have found these very helpful!! So if you want to know more….. Read on!!!! 

Your Holy Grail for choosing the right reds, pinks and nudes!! 

About Texture and Finish 
Lippers can come in all textures and finishes – creme, matte, glossy, glaze!! Check the infograph to find out more!! 

Best Colour for your complexion 

Finding the perfect shade for your Pout can be a little tricky sometimes. Here is a guide which comes very handy when  it comes to choosing the right shade for you!!! 

Right colour for the right occasion

We all know that a good lipper can not only make or break a deal, but also gives you that extra confidence that you need for that special occasion!! Here’s a guide for it!! But hey, go ahead and play with your favourite lippers!!! 

The Right way

Lastly, here’s a quick infograph to apply a lipper in the correct way!! Have worked wondered for me!!! Go ahead and give it a try!!! 

So if you liked what you read,  don’t forget to like and share and also do comment what is your favourite lipper!!!!!!!! 


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