Summer Essentials 2017

Summer is here!! So now’s the perfect time to get ready to face that scorching sun.

Here’s my guide to the 10 essential beauty items you can’t be without this summer.


Let’s start with the obvious: Sunglasses are the first thing you reach for when the sun shines. Check out high street chains for their own brands or try a specialist brand a cool designer look.

Sun Protection

Sunscreen is your best defence against dark spots, skin ageing, tanning and other forms of sun damage. Spray-on sun block or sunscreen is not only fuss-free, but also gives a great coverage along with lending a misty feel to the skin.


Face Wipes

Face wipes are gentle on your face & made with the purest ingredients. Perfect for freshening up or removing makeup.


Tinted Moisturisers

Swap your foundation with a tinted moisturiser. It’ll even out the skin tone and add glow to the skin without feeling heavy.


Compact Powder

A compact makeup powder is an essential in every girl’s makeup kit, it sets the foundation, gives an even-toned and smooth finish, makes skin matte for oily skin beauties, and with frequent touch-ups lets your makeup stay for longer and fresh.


Bright lip shades

Summer is a time to embrace brighter, bolder lip shades. Ditch the nudes and swipe on that berry or scarlet lip colour.


Long Lasting fragrance

We all like to stick to our signature perfumes but investing in a bottle of light, summery, long lasting perfume wouldn’t hurt. Replace the heavier, cold weather scents with cleaner, fresh and citrusy scents.


Kajal Pencil

The definition of a typical Indian beauty is incomplete without kajal-rimmed eyes. Go for a long-lasting and water proof kajal do beat the heat this summer.


Bold eyeliner

Say hello to black or grey eyeliners and also experiment with some electric shades of cobalt, turquoise, emerald and purple that will add a pop of colour to your summer look.


Antiseptic Liquid

In these hot summers, it becomes important for all of us to make sure that our skin is healthy and infection-free not only externally but also internally. Use an antiseptic liquid to keep those rashes and allergies away from your skin this summer!!

So step out into the sun this summer, have fun and stay safe!!!!





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